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The Misconceptions of USB-C, you may have made a mistake!

September this year, Apple announced iPhone 11. Many of you may have questioned why Apple insisted on using lightning cable instead of USB-C cable. It is not the time to do that yet. Can you clarify the difference among Type-C, USB 3.2, and  the earlier 3.1 gen1, gen2, 2.0. It is easily to be fooled by the seller, and spend high price to…

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Xiaomi Mix Alpha is quite crazy!

On 25 September, Chinese company Xiaomi unveiled its newest phone – the Mi Mix Alpha, a controversial and amazing concept phone. Xiao mi thinks differently As Samsung and Huawei focus on their foldable smartphone, and others seek to hide the notch , Chinese company Xiaomi did something out of ordinary, a smart phone with a…

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